Advertising on The Web of Mystery: Rotating Banner Ads Program

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Make a splash with a banner ad campaign that provides statistics to show its effectiveness.


Homicide: The Game Banner

About the Rotating Banner Ads Program

The Rotating Banner Ad program is designed for those sites looking to make a splash on The Web of Mystery. Space for a standard 468 x 60 pixel banner is reserved at the top of each page for participants in the Rotating Banner Ad program. Banners rotate automatically and may appear on any page.

In addition, participants in the Rotating Banner Ad program can view up-to-the-minute statistics showing the performance of their banners (by the number of impressions and the number of clicks).

Absolute Banner Manager XEBanner management is powered by Absolute Banner Manager XE from Xigla Software. Click here to view a demo of their program and see how this software allows you to view the success of your advertising campaign.

Note: To view the demo from an advertiser's perspective, please sign in, click on the Advert. icon at the top of the page, and select and advertiser (I recommend choosing Xigla Software from the list)

Program Details

The Web of Mystery Uses PayPal

All orders for fee-based advertising services on The Web of Mystery are processed through PayPal. Use drop-down menu and "Add to Cart" button to submit your order.


After processing your payment, please e-mail your graphic. Once your graphic is uploaded, you will receive an e-mail containing the login information allowing you to view live performance statistics.